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Photo of Ancona Ducks

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Duck Egg Collective

We collect the eggs,
You take them home.

Every day here on the farm we collect the eggs from our flock of Ancona ducks.  The ducks provide sustenance for the the folks living in the eco-village, fertility and pest control for the farm, and with your help, a little revenue to offset the cost of feed and care so we can provide wholesome food to our local community.

Our eggs are rich, clean and fresh. Our ducks are fed a diet of sprouted barley mixed with a non-GMO high-protein mix of locally- and regionally-grown legumes and grains plus what they manage to forage on their own as they range freely during the day eating bugs, seeds and greenery (Ancona ducks are especially good foragers).

Here's how it works:

Photo of Fresh Duck EggsWhen you join the Duck Egg Collective, it allows us to legally sell you our eggs and bring them to the Colville Farmers' Market for you to pick up because it's structured like a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture). Small farms are exempt from needing an egg dealer's license when they sell eggs from their own flock directly to the end consumer. A CSA, or in our case our Duck Egg Collective, is a recognized direct marketing model which includes picking up farm product sold from the farm at an off-farm location.


First you join by signing up and paying a $10 membership fee that is good for one year.

Use the "Add to Cart" button above to join and pay online or pay for a membership at our farmers' market stand.
Please purchase only one membership. Supplies are limited.


By joining the BZ Farm Collective Duck Egg Collective you understand that you are buying fresh, washed duck eggs directly from a small farm where the ducks are raised. You understand that the BZ Farm is exempt from egg dealer licensing requirements.

Download a PDF of this application to print and send (optional).

After we've acknowledged your application, we will provide information on how members order eggs. Each week that you want to buy up to 2 dozen eggs, you pre-order, by phone or website order form.  Just make sure to get your order in to us before Monday at 6:00pm.

Eggs are $7.00/dz. only to Duck Egg Collective members.

Through October, we will have your eggs ready for you to pick up every Wednesday at the Colville Farmers' Market. After the market closes in October, we hope to have identified an alternative pickup location for the winter months. Eggs not picked up will not be refunded.