Collective Farm

The BZ Farm Collective is a project of the Bezaleel Israel Eco-Village.

We grow fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, livestock, seeds and nursery stock using permaculture and regenerative agriculture methods for our local community and our own sustenance. We attend the Northeast Washington farmers' Market in Colville, WA on Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm.

Our open-pollinated, heirloom seeds are available for ordering at our online store.

We align closely with the principles of the International Peasants’ Movement

and Peasants for Climate Justice

Help with the farming is welcome. Casual visitors can volunteer (and learn). Folks who seriously seek permanent residency such as apprentices who become collective members can earn income with the Farm Collective. Residents might establish other collective enterprises based at the eco-village.

We are expanding the market garden by at least 1/3 acre for the 2023 season. A great opportunity for more regenerative farmers to join the farming collective!

Visitors please make arrangements in advance.

Prospective collective members, please see our home page. There you will find a link to our application.

This is just a fraction of the available arable land at the BZ Farm.
We're going to need dedicated help to cultivate this and for the Eco-Village to reach its full potential.

Ready to unplug from the "system"? Apply now by answering a couple of questions. This could be your new future.

Link to Application Form

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