Collective Farm

The Bezaleel Israel Eco-Village in far northeast Washington, having been a small farm for over 30 years, now hosts the BZ Permaculture Farm Collective. The Farm Collective is a non-profit mutual benefit society. We grow fruits, vegetables, medicinal herbs, livestock, seeds and nursery stock using permaculture and regenerative agriculture methods. We grow our produce to maket in our local community and for our own sustenance. We attend the Northeast Washington Farmers' Market in Colville, WA, we offer a weekly CSA and our open-pollinated, heirloom seeds are for sale online.

It's possible there are still openings for our Wednesday CSA weekly produce box for folks in the Northport or the Rice areas. Contact us if you are interested.

We align closely with the principles of the International Peasants’ Movement

and Peasants for Climate Justice

The BZ Farm is not "certified organic." We do not use synthetic poisons or use GMO seeds (in fact we save the seeds for over 90% of what we grow). We use compost and cover crops primarily for fertility or else soil amendments that are approved for certified organic farms and permaculture systems. BZ and I are both experienced permaculturists and we call our produce "Permaculturally-Grown."

Help with the farming is welcome. Casual visitors can volunteer (and learn). 

Come spend a day or two or more with us at the BZ Farm this coming growing season. Go home with armloads of food.
There will be a long list of tasks as the 2024 growing season ramps up, reaches its peak and settles into fall. With just three of us here, we're are going to be slammed. Any visitors are welcome to participate.

If you can get away and you'd like keep us company, we would welcome you. Come see what we're doing; maybe learn some tricks of the trade, breathe some fresh forest air, get your body moving. We're building fences, planting and transplanting, preparing our growing beds, constructing woodsheds, etc.

For each day you participate, we'll show our gratitude by gifting you and your family enough produce for a week (when available), and we'll give you a voucher for two days of FREE produce at our stand at the farmers' market (folks might want to wait to "cash in" until well into the season when we have a full selection). A voucher from us will also take 15% off any purchases at our stand throughout the season!

Alternatively, volunteers who participate regularly may be eligible to receive a cash stipend. Contact us for details.

Please let us know if you're interested. We like to have visitors any time during the growing season. We do ask that folks contact us before showing up.

Phone message and text: 914-246-0309

We ask all visitors to sign a liability waiver to protect ourselves and the land. We want the BZ Farm to forever be a source of fresh, clean, permaculturally-grown food for our beloved friends in the Northern Stevens County community and this helps to ensure that.

Thank you!

Folks who seriously seek permanent residency can apply to be apprentices who can become collective members (Eco-village members and Farm Collective members) and can earn income with the Farm Collective. Other collective enterprises based at the eco-village could be established.

Visitors please make arrangements in advance.

Prospective collective members, please see our home page and our page on apprentices. There you will find links to our application.

Ready to unplug from "the system" and put down some roots in your ecosystem? Apply now by answering a couple of questions. This could be your new future.

Link to Application Form

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